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What is the Karamushi?

The karamushi is one of the nettles called a false nettle. One theory says, "Kara" is from ancient Korean dynasty name and "Mushi" is Korean word "mosi" means a false nettle. According to that The Karamushi have spread from China through the Korean Peninsula in Japan when the Late Jomon period (B.C. 46th ~ 33th).

The Karamushi, raw materials of the Echigo-Chijimi (Echigo is old place name of Tokamachi city, and Chijimi is a kind of Kimono made from twist Karamushi yarn so it has characteristic rumples.), diffused in Echigo when Nara period (A.D.710~794). And the growing of the Karamushi has started prosperously before Edo period (A.D.1603~1868) in Echigo. It needs special skills to make flat quality yarn from the Karamushi. In addition, the Karamushi has no elastic, so craftsman had to work using their hands to weave Karamushi fabric. In the Meiji era, Japanese economy was booming, low price synthetic fiber made by mass production had appeared and spread. In consequence, the Karamushi fabric that took a lot of time and effort became obsolete gradually.

However our environment has changed by the Industrial Revolution, the destruction of nature and chemical pollution happened. Also these influence our health. Thereupon, we propose using natural material, Karamushi and look at it again.

Karamushi Material

The Karamushi fabric is one of the coolest natural fabrics, and the Katramushi has permeability, absorbency and durability keep you dry and cool. It's suitable fabric for high temperature humidity Japan. We think the Karamushi is not only traditional crafts or cultural item but also modern daily product that people can get easily. And we will proceed with development of the Karamushi and offer customers to new style Karamushi products.

Feature of Karamushi

In human history, lives had wrapped in the cellulose fiber. The cellulose has hydrophilicity and absorbency; these character help human skin comfortable. The natural fiber made by the Karamushi can be used daily life with that strong point. The Karamushi is soft and gentle for the nature and people skin.

Strong Points
1. extremely tough fiber
The Karamushi has strong tension, and it gets more solid when it wet. And the Karamushi has big durability.

2. beautifully glossy fabric
The Karamushi has special glossiness different from another fabric.

3. High thermo-keeping, breathes, absorption and desorption of moisture capacity
The Kramushi absorbs perspiration well, in the same evaporates water. It fabrics don't make you stuffy. Such a good breathes fabrics keeps your skin clean and healthy. Also it doesn't get static electricity. We think it suited fabric for hot and humidity temperature place.

4. Mothproofing material
The Karamushi hemp is mono-filament and not covered with scale, so resin comes out and it attracts some bags. However, the Karamushi fabrics get mothproofing through the process.

Amazing Power of Karamushi(ramie leaves) for your Health

Karamushi contains so much minerals like other sticky vegetables.
We compared the amount of minerals with spinach.
The result is very surprising.

【Every 100g of Karamushi powder contains】=========
  ●beta-carotene: 16,000㎍  4 times as much as spinach
      (Spinach leaves contain 4,200㎍.)
  ●sodium: 17㎎  a little more than spinach
      (Spinach leaves contain 16㎎.)
  ●calcium: 2,800㎎  57 times as much as spinach
      (Spinach leaves contain 49㎎.)
  ●potassium: 1,300㎎  twice as much as spinach
      (Spinach leaves contain 690㎎.)
  ●vitamin B1: 0.25㎎  twice as much as spinach
  ●vitamin B2: 1.1㎎  5 times as much as spinach
 ※Data about spinach is quoted from Standard
   Tables of Food Composition in Japan.

Our Kara-cool shirts made by traditional hemp yarn "KARAMUSHI" was recommended by Tokamachi city for summer business clothes.
Natural yarn "KARAMUSHI" the coolest linen makes you comfortable, to feel cool, dry and clean in warm weather. It is the perfect textile for humidly East Asian countries.

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